Recommendations to best care for your furniture:

Avoid prolonged contact with water, moisture or steam.

Dry the furniture after taking a bath or shower.

Clean the piece with a damp cotton cloth.

Do not use cleaning products that may contain chemical abrasives.

Do not use steel wool.

It’simportant to have anexhaust fan in your bathroom to more effectively remove steam coming from the shower.

Installing sinks and countertops:

Use a small continuous amount of silicon adhesive in the lower contour of the bowl, trying to keep the silicon from spilling over when pressure is applied. If the silicon does seep out, do not remove it: let it dry before removing.

Evenly seal the back of the counter that butts against the wall to prevent water leaks.

Stains and polyurethanes lacquers from ExpoColor guarantee high-quality finishes.

The wooden parts of the furniture are treated in the following ways:

1. Drying and sizing for stabilizing tensions.

2. Inking with 1st quality products.

3. UV Protection.

4. Polyurethanes varnishes.

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