Carpentry history

In 1969, Carlos Campi begins his journey as a carpenter working as an apprentice with his brother Eduardo Campi –carpenter- and his uncle Francisco Rodríguez –joiner-. A few years later he opens his own carpentry business, making solid-wood, custom furniture for indoor and outdoor use, thereby laying the groundwork for his passion for wood working.

In 1982, in Hurlingham, Carlos opens the doors for Muebles Campi in partnership with his brothers Roberto and Eduardo. The carpentry business, located in a part of what is now Amoblamientos Campi, begins as a business specialized in custom furniture, with bathroom furniture being the main product. Soon, his sons, Maximiliano Campi and Jorge Campi begin working in the family business, helping to contribute new ideas and energy to the company.

In 2002, Carlos Campi retires, leaving everything in the hands of his sons, who set the objective of positioning Amoblamientos Campi at the forefront of the market, incorporating the latest technology and expanding the factory in order to respond to market demands.

Campi Today

Our work over the last 25 years has focused on designing and producing a productmade of high-quality raw materials and excellent, durable finishes.To achieve this, we established an engineering process that would successfully combine these factors with the incorporation of specialized professionals in different areas of woodwork – which allowed us to diversify our commercial sector and provide personalized attention and products to satisfy the needs of different market segments and distributors.

Today, we work very hard to strengthen our distributor chain, providing new and exclusive products, and above all making it possible for our distributors to sell our products more easily each day.

An important part of our work is to continue to optimize the logistics behind the distribution of our products to fully satisfy our clients. This principle has guided all of our strategies, enabling us to distinguish ourselves and become leaders in the local market.

Technology and Processes

In order to provide our clients with high-quality and durable products, we develop our processes and production technology with great care and analysis. By doing this, we have been able to develop solid-wood parts that have been treated and dried in optimum conditions to minimize tension in the wood and avoid warping.

Once each wooden piece is assembled in a particular piece of furniture, we use top-quality stains and polyurethane lacquers to ensure that the furniture is finished in a way that protects the wood and allows the furniture to endure use throughout the years.

To ensure that the furniture arrives in good conditions to all our clients, each one is wrapped in bubble wrap. Styrofoam is placed on the corners of the furniture, and the furniture is packaged in corrugated, high-density cardboard boxes specific to eachproduct line.

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